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The Sitting Dead

It is what it is baby. Me.

Pretty racist of you tbh no one is making you look at their blogs they justpost what they want same as you do

when I see a blog that says, I’m now calling white people “whites”. not okay I’m my book. id fine it extremely offensive if a white or black person said that. I have seen many blogs, that are just cruel and spiteful towards white people, all of which I have seen are black girls. I hate this. because it bothers me so much that people ALWAYS fight fire with fire. hate with hate, I see something new that terrifies me, I hate I’ve never seen before and it’s wrong. making someone feel as bad as you do because it makes you feel better to see a person react and suffer like you do.. I do not promote the twisted ideas of “race pride” that are existent today. in any nature. I believe in human equality, that we should be taking pride in ourselves as a human race. every time
I hear someone say something that puts another race in a derogatory light and them on a pedestal, I just think, that if we keep attacking each other, it will be the death of us. yes, have your identity and connect with the history of your culture and practice it and love it and be confident in it, but do not separate yourself from the lives we all share, together. we are one, we are all people, no matter what your skin color is. I believe we also need to forgive. we need to fight for each other. because one day we’re all gonna burn and fire isn’t going to care what color your skin is, we all burn the same. seven billion people standing as one? could you imagine what we could do? we would be the higher beings we dream about.

mind you I would just as mad if this situation was vice versa but I have yet to see it. if you have I would like to see it, not sarcastically id be appreciate because I don’t mind having to correct myself, it’s okay to be wrong sometimes, because I was unaware.

yeah I guess I was kind of mean but I’ve gotten in arguments about the idea of just human equally, a pride in history and culture but also a balanced sense of raceless-ness, and I’ve actually been very offended. being told that, “i wasn’t actually black” that I don’t belong, that I don’t get it, that no ones discriminated against me before. interracial marriage? the outcome? ME. a lot of people don’t like that. I’ve been called a half breed on more than one occasion. I get it, it pisses me off too. I’m just saying, doing what you’re doing now, making them
feel small like you, it’s not helping and I think you’re insane if you enjoy doing that to people.

you probably didn’t read this anon, but it’s off my chest. so thanks for that

I’m half black btw if anyone who gets this far is wondering. my afro is actually probably the softest thing most people ever get to feel tbh. P.S. do you know how fast and how many people see things on the internet? when you do things like that, it doesn’t go away. someone you don’t want to see will see it. in regards to “I don’t have to look”

okay can someone tell me why so many spam blogs follow me?
am I missing something?

black girls who dedicate their blog solely to shit on white people are horrifying.

calm the fuck down. reblogging nothing but pictures of Beyoncé and calling white people “whites” really makes me think you should be institutionalized. and it’s not helping your case. and maybe if you feel so discriminated against, it’s because you’re a shitty person. not because you’re black


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step on a crack, break your mother’s back, Lil’ Jon got the beat that make your booty go clap

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out of all the animals in the world, when elephants express their emotions it sticks with me.


Good thing I can experience the lunar eclipse from the comfort of my own bed on the interweb.

Fer real doe